Spanglish Moment 1

10 Sep

Yesterday, after I had returned from the health clinic, no one was home at the apartment to let me in.  I went down to the security office to ask if I can call Adriana to have someone help me get in, etc.  When I approached the security office I said,´” Buenas tardes, neccesito llamar Adriana por que no persona abierto la puerta, I need keys.”  However, I was sure I said “llaves”, keys in español, instead of “keys” in english.  I didn´t think much of it, but did realize the security guy became a bit flustered and started saying “no, no, no”… but after a few seconds, he understood what I was saying, and handed me an extra set of keys to the apartment.  I got in, all is well…

However, when Adriana came home from work later this night, she was laughing because the security guard told her that he thought I told him I will give you a “kiss” because I said “keys” instead of “llaves”!  Jajaja…

One Response to “Spanglish Moment 1”

  1. pete September 13, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    You can take the girl out of the country, but…

    Lol no keys out there too huh? I’m sure Andres had a good laugh.

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