Studying in Action – *Introductions*

25 Sep

One of the first lessons in class  I learned was how to greet others either formally or informally.  While this took some time to remember the different forms of “hello”, and for the different parts of the day, I think one of the most interesting concepts was that of the “introduction”.  In Colombia, it is very similar to the U.S. where you extend your hand to shake and smile with the new person you are being introduced to,  however, among females, there is sometimes a slight twist.  Among your older females, they may instead extend their arm and hand palm up, where you are to then place your arm and hand palm down on top of their´s for a moment.  There is no shaking or moving up and down motion, just simply “marrying” the wrists/hands together, reply “mucho gusto” and then release. 

 I first experienced this handshake when I was leaving the fiesta last Saturday.  The friend of Adriana´s eloquently extended her hand palm up as she said good-bye, and thanks to my lesson, I knew how to respond! 🙂

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