Lago Calima

5 Oct

This past Sunday, Adriana, Juan David, Jennifer (his girlfriend), Vivian (an employee of Adriana’s/new friend of mine), and I all ventured 2 hours outside Cali, to Lago Calima!  According to their website, Lago Calima is  “the largest artificial lake in Colombia with  an area of 70km2, which started as a hydroelectric project in 1961 for generating power for the department (state), Valle del Cauca” (   Once there, I rode on the El Banano and took a ferry ride around a portion of the large lake.  As you will see, there is nothing artificial about the views, they are simply breathtaking!

Also, before we got to Lago Calima, we stopped at a friend of Adriana’s home in a small town right outside of Lago Calima.  Here, the family welcomed us in for  a tour of their home, which happens to be the second oldest home built  in the city, aging over 100 years old!  The house was really neat inside (pictures below), and the homemade empanadas topped it off! 🙂

If uploaded correctly, the pictures should start on the road with a truck full of watermelons (las sandias).  I would like you to pay close attention to the variation of geography/topography as the pictures advance to Lago Calima, it’s incredible!  Enjoy!

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