Clinica Versalles

7 Oct

My second interview was with the Director of Versalles’ Clinic Foundation Health Project, Senora Victoria.  Clinica Versalles is a privates clinic whose key administrators started this private foundation to help with the gap in health care.  They have partnerships with 15 other previously established foundations who cover a wide variety of the population.  In addition, they have created their own foundation called CREESER, to help end child labor in the Altos de Mengas neighborhood.  The inspiration behind this second foundation was driven by the granddaughter of Senora Victoria who wanted to eradicate child labor in the streets.  Below is some more basic information, provided by the clinic, of their objectives for the foundation.  Information about CREESER and this interview will be posted on a separate blog.  Enjoy!

•The main objective of the Foundation is providing health services to marginalized populations and without access to health.
Loans today is how these services to 10 institutions abused, pregnant, abandoned children, elderly seniors, rural families of the slope, and displaced.

•This takes care through a physician, nurse and psychologist.
Serving 6500 annual consultations, and 36 surgeries, education, immunization, prenatal care, newborn care and epidemiological control.
•The foundations that are visited are: AVE (Children and Elders), Divine Providence (Children and Youth), Family Support Plan(family groups), Crean (Elderly), Jesus of Nazareth (Elderly),Cermujer (Pregnant women and children under 1 year), Peace and Good (Children under 10 years and pregnant women), Maria Goretti (Children and adolescents), Madre de Dios Children’s Home (Children 0 to 3 years), FUNOF, and believe.
Resources for this program come from a percentage of the clinical utility.

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