7 Oct

My third interview was at CREESER, where I was able to see the children of Altos de Menga enjoying their homework time!  The ages range from as young as 3 all the way to 17.  These children come from a neighborhood that after 20 years, still does not have running water and electricity.  Their homes are often single parents, and dreams of one day becoming a professional other than a taxi driver, street vendor, or violence/gangs  are non existent.  This organization warmed my heart to see life, prosperity, and opportunity being given to each one of these children, a day at a time.  

I then met with the doctor on staff, Dr. Mejia, who was a pleasure to speak with and learn from.  Vaccinations and nutrition are the main barriers these children face health wise, and it is his duty (along with CREESER) to get these kids healthy and on the right path for success.  After the interview, the facility coordinator took us up to Altos de Menga via car to show us first hand where these children live and the environment they must overcome.

Here is some of the basic information regarding CREESER,  provided by the Clinica Versalles.  Enjoy!


PROJECT CREESER:  CreeSer Project was initiated two years ago by a group of students at a private school in the city of Cali who sought to establish a long term project that will focus on promoting education for children of marginalized sectors of the city. To achieve this goal, we created a strategic alliance with the Versalles Clinic Foundation, a private non-profit organizations in the city widely recognized for its social responsibility work in different communities.
 •The neighborhood Altos de Menga is a sector with a high rate of poverty where people lack proper housing, adequate food, access to education and public services. The people of this neighborhood slum dwellers constructed of tin, plastic or cardboard. Furthermore, very few families receive public services in their homes. The neighborhood children of Altos de Menga, mostly, is part of households where parents have no education and no job. In addition, families are constituted by single mothers who must work to support their children and thus many of the children of this district spend most of their time alone. This often leads to loneliness that children have a lack of affection and to be exposed to risks such violations and accidents due to lack of supervision by a responsible adult. Lack of parental education leads to many cases of domestic abuse in a physical, psychological or verbal. And substance abuse problems. Additional by the extreme poverty many children are deprived of education and put to work very young.

•Upon discovering that the city of Cali there are children who have no opportunity or means to fulfill their dreams, a group of young Cali decides to take a challenge: to fulfill the dreams of children in the Barrios Altos de Menga. In Altos de Menga neighborhood there are a number of people with great potential and very few opportunities. CreeSer why he decided to become an opportunity for children of this neighborhood.
ZONE OF INFLUENCE: We are located in the area of ​​the city’s northwest side gives Cali area where many live on very little:
Our target population are children aged 5 to 16 years and their families all below the poverty line and who are in education a means to improve their quality of life and their future children to be citizens of well-integrated into society . Besides their families receive various health education workshops in school settings and training parents to learn different trades. That will enable them to part of the workforce as a kitchen, jewelry, beauty salon


Provides education, basic health, food and recreation for children from vulnerable sectors to generate quality of life and awaken in children the ability to dream.


Build a model of development by eliminating the culture of poverty, which is measurable and assessable at the time of impact indicators that allow replication of the project in different communities. 

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