Walking with cats

7 Oct

To begin class this week, Paola and Vanessa took me on a small field trip to a little grocery store.  Here I had to practice my purchasing/check out skills while purchasing some deodorant (did I mention it’s hot down here?!).  Along our way to the store, we walked through one of Cali’s main attractions, El Gato del Rio (The River Cat).  Here is some basic information about the cat(s) from the Secretary of Culture and Tourism http://www.cali.gov.co/publicaciones.php?id=1392 :

“Located on the left bank of the Rio Cali, North West 4 th Ave. Within river rescue plans Cali and beautification of its banks, the idea of ​​locating a monumental sculpture in one of its banks, was well as the renowned painter and sculptor Hernando Tejada donated his work called “The River Cat” to be cast in bronze on a large scale, which has a height of 3.5 meters, a width of 3.40 and 1.95 meters thick. The statue weighs three tons and was cast in Bogotá, where to be moved had to be removed the roof of the workshop. The play opened on July 3, 1996.”

In addition, there are several other “female” cats behind this statue.  These felines were part of a contest for other artists to design a girlfriend for The River Cat.  What was supposed to be a short debut, turned into a permanent exhibition for The River Cat bank.  A couple were missing from the line up, “they were walking around the city” the sign read. Enjoy!

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