9 Oct

Below are some pictures of the public transportation in Cali.  They have private buses, which as described by Andres, go on various routes depending on what their norm is and were the paying person would like to go as well.  They of course have taxis, and mountain jeeps who service the population who live among the slopes and higher elevation.  What is really intriguing to me is the fairly new public bus transportation system, El Mio.  Below are photos and public information about the MIO via wikipedial.  Enjoy!

“Public transportation

Masivo Integrado de Occidente(MIO) station

A bus of the MIO

The city of Cali offers a variety of ways to move through the city; in March 2009, The Masivo Integrado de Occidente (MIO) began operations. It is planned to be the primary system that connects the city. Taxis and old buses are the secondary way to get around. Taxis are one of the best systems that tourists can use, as they are relatively inexpensive and are the most secure of the two. Non-MIO buses round-out the system and are used primarily by the working class to get around and are the least expensive to use. Buses are secure but not at the same level as taxis. This part of the transport in the city is waiting a needed reorganization of routes.

Masivo Integrado de Occidente (MIO): A massive transit system; M.I.O is based on the transportation model that consist in the use of articulated buses that runs through dedicated bus lanes running down the middle of major thoroughfares. MIO bus stations are locate in the middle of the thoroughfare, and are connected with sidewalks by dedicated pedestrian crossings or bridges. The system layout is 243 kilometers and is distributed in a main trunk, pre-trunk and complementary corridors. The system also integrated the renovation and recuperation of the public space. The MIO system was not only designed for the public transport, but built for public use with extensive new sidewalks, parks, gardens and public squares for the public to enjoy.”

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