San Juan de Dios Cali – Oldest Hospital in Colombia

19 Oct

For my fourth interview, I met with Dr. Gonzalez, the Special Medical Auditor (Medico esp. Auditoria) to discuss social responsibility and its impacts from the public sector’s view point.  This interview went really well, and Dr. Gonzalez provided a wealth of information.  For example, the public hospital shares the same struggle as private foundations, with getting the government/department’s (state) attention regarding the lower strata population’s (level 0 and 1) access and quality of care.  In addition, he presented me with a special gift at the end of the interview, a signed copy of the Historia del Hospital de San Juan de Dios – 1753-1966, pictured below.

Below is a link to the hospital’s website, which has the option to translate the page if you wish.  Enjoy!,%2Bcolombia%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D610%26prmd%3Dimvns

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