Fundación Vicentina Luisa de Marrilac

29 Oct

My fifth interview was at Fundación Vicentina Luisa de Marillac,  with Maria Teresita Riascos, who is the President and Director of the foundation.  This foundation is a private nonprofit Christian foundation created by Sister Maria Luisa Courbin on January 2, 1933, based on St. Vincent DePaul and Luisa Marillac’s teachings for servicing the poor. [Side note:  Ms. Riascos got goosebumps when she learned that I am a graduate student from “DePaul” University, it was a real heart-warming experience!] Yeah for DePaul!!! 🙂

They provide comprehensive promotion and rehabilitation services for the elderly poor with no one to turn to.  Their mission is, “Providing shelter for the promotion and integral rehabilitation of elderly people abandoned by providing a humanistic view with Christian criteria, social scientists,  the possibilities for their lives as individuals, in order to spiritually and physically, fully and freely enjoy the rights human autonomy and active participation in a home environment.”

This interview was a lot fun, as you will see in the pictures below.  We (my professor and I) were given many arts and crafts projects the elderly make during art therapy.  In addition, we received a couple of song performances by some of the lovely residents.  I really enjoyed my time here.  Enjoy!

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