Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona

31 Oct

For my sixth interview, I met with Sister Mercedes Martinez Peria, who a religious nurse and in charge of Pastoral Health, at Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona.  This insitute is a private, nonprofit health clinic founded by Sister Mary Gay Tibau near Gerona, Spain since 1872.

Mary lived in the house of Dr. Amerio Ros for 20 years, helping with household chores and participating in the life of his practice. During this time Mary came into contact with the suffering of the patients who called the house of Dr. Ros, and from these encounters, awakened in her the desire to help more directly those suffering from health.  Thus, resulting in this private health institution.

Their mission is, “To satisfy the patient’s and his/her family’s health care needs with quality, respect and warmth in their corporal and spiritual dimension. We alleviate pain, sow peace and    contribute with social work performed by the San José de Gerona’s Nuns Institute.”  (

Below is a picture of Sister Martha Anturi (left), who is my 7th interview (next post), myself, and another Sister (right), cannot remember her name, lol.  I thought Sister Mercedes was pictured in this photo, but she had to leave after the interview…she appears in my 8th interview however, with Huga Lora Camacho.  Enjoy!


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