11 Nov

Eighth interview: I had the privilege of interviewing with Hugo Lora Camacho who is Business Lawyer; Social Coordinator of the
EcoVillage at Fundamor; and President of the University of Autonoma of the West.  He has been an advocate for social responsibility in Colombia for over 20 years, and was kind enough to grant me an interview, as well as one of his books!

Fundamore – Give Love Foundation, is a private, nonprofit institution since 1992, that works for the children and adolescents 18 years of age who are affected by HIV and AIDS, and in addition to their illness, are at high socioeconomic risk and violation of rights, providing protection and Comprehensive Health Care, Education, Housing, Nutrition and Recreation in its facilities in the country based on the beam Pance Cali city.  They provide food, shelter, medical, and spiritual treatment for these children in order to save their lives and develop them into meaningful people.  Their mission is “Dignify and transform the self and its environment, promoting the awakening of consciousness through love and service.” (


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