El Gancho

16 Nov

SO, a week ago I had to go to the Colombian Customs office to get an extension on my passport for another 30 days.  After visiting this office 3 times already…my patience was wearing thin on when the ACTUAL day was that I was “supposed” to come in for approval, etc.  As it turned out, I was due to come in Nov.4th, the earliest I could come during the 3-day grace period (My passport was due to expire on the 7th).  However, I was booked to attend the XI Congreso Internacional del Colegio Nacional de Bacteriología conference November 4-7, Medellin, Colombia…so we went to the office on the 3rd, praying for a miracle that somehow my sweet Midwest American smile might persuade the man to do my paperwork one day earlier….NOT.

Instead, we were told we could fill out the paper work, and pay the money, but they could not process it all until the next day, and thus I miss out on Medellin.  As we (Michelle and I) are standing at the window, which has only an opening of about 8 inches wide, talking to the agent, all of a sudden out of no where a giant paper clip flings out of the blue and whips Michelle in the face!  Stunned, we all look at one another and kind of giggle…trying to figure out what happened.  As it so happens, another custom agent inside threw the clip at another agent for fun, but missed, and to our luck, it hit Michelle in the face.  Embarrassed, the agent apologizes to her, and asks if there is anything he can do…and without any hesitation, Michelle asks that they process my passport today.  AND THEY DID!  All in all, it was a good day!

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