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Fundación Valle del Lili

13 Nov

10. (Unfort. I was unable to meet in person with someone from this foundation, but they were kind enough to write their responses to my interview questions.)

Fundación Valle del Lili is a private, nonprofit medical organization funded by the generosity of the Valle del Cauca community who with personal and entrepreneurial donations in June 1982, made it possible for the Fundación to offer first ambulatory services starting April 1986, and finally inaugurate in February 1994, the health complex which it is today. The mission for Fundación Valle del Líli, “is to offer high quality medical services to the Community with an orientation toward investigation, teaching and social service; in order to achieve this, it joins and keeps highly qualified people, not only for their academic training, but also for their human quality, for their capacity to create and grant solution to our Users’ health problems.” (


Fundación Alzheimer Cali

11 Nov

Ninth interview: Guillermo Ramirez Hoyos, Psicologo Clinico con enfoque en Neuropsicología Clinica at the Fundación Alzheimer Cali.  This is a private, nonprofit foundation founded by a psychologist Jaqueline Arabia, where it was her dream to help patients with dementia.  It is the only Alzheimer driven facility in Cali, and one of the few Alzheimer focused institutions in the entire country.  Their mission is, “To improve the quality of life of the people who suffer Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias related with the age, through the development of programs that will allow and promote, in an effective way, the diagnosis, care and integral treatment of the affected person, caretaker or relative.  Likewise, there is an interest for education, prevention, investigation, and adequate treatment of the disease.”  (



11 Nov

Eighth interview: I had the privilege of interviewing with Hugo Lora Camacho who is Business Lawyer; Social Coordinator of the
EcoVillage at Fundamor; and President of the University of Autonoma of the West.  He has been an advocate for social responsibility in Colombia for over 20 years, and was kind enough to grant me an interview, as well as one of his books!

Fundamore – Give Love Foundation, is a private, nonprofit institution since 1992, that works for the children and adolescents 18 years of age who are affected by HIV and AIDS, and in addition to their illness, are at high socioeconomic risk and violation of rights, providing protection and Comprehensive Health Care, Education, Housing, Nutrition and Recreation in its facilities in the country based on the beam Pance Cali city.  They provide food, shelter, medical, and spiritual treatment for these children in order to save their lives and develop them into meaningful people.  Their mission is “Dignify and transform the self and its environment, promoting the awakening of consciousness through love and service.” (


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The Nave Health Center

11 Nov

Seventh interview: I went to The Nave Health Center, which is a private, nonprofit foundation founded and supported by the pastoral staff of Instituto de Religosas de San José de Gerona.  It provides health care for the inhabitants of the Siloé, a large poverty-stricken neighborhood in Cali, since 1998. In addition, they offer a space for teaching activities for the elderly and source a young pastors group for working with the high-risk population.

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Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona

31 Oct

For my sixth interview, I met with Sister Mercedes Martinez Peria, who a religious nurse and in charge of Pastoral Health, at Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona.  This insitute is a private, nonprofit health clinic founded by Sister Mary Gay Tibau near Gerona, Spain since 1872.

Mary lived in the house of Dr. Amerio Ros for 20 years, helping with household chores and participating in the life of his practice. During this time Mary came into contact with the suffering of the patients who called the house of Dr. Ros, and from these encounters, awakened in her the desire to help more directly those suffering from health.  Thus, resulting in this private health institution.

Their mission is, “To satisfy the patient’s and his/her family’s health care needs with quality, respect and warmth in their corporal and spiritual dimension. We alleviate pain, sow peace and    contribute with social work performed by the San José de Gerona’s Nuns Institute.”  (

Below is a picture of Sister Martha Anturi (left), who is my 7th interview (next post), myself, and another Sister (right), cannot remember her name, lol.  I thought Sister Mercedes was pictured in this photo, but she had to leave after the interview…she appears in my 8th interview however, with Huga Lora Camacho.  Enjoy!


Fundación Vicentina Luisa de Marrilac

29 Oct

My fifth interview was at Fundación Vicentina Luisa de Marillac,  with Maria Teresita Riascos, who is the President and Director of the foundation.  This foundation is a private nonprofit Christian foundation created by Sister Maria Luisa Courbin on January 2, 1933, based on St. Vincent DePaul and Luisa Marillac’s teachings for servicing the poor. [Side note:  Ms. Riascos got goosebumps when she learned that I am a graduate student from “DePaul” University, it was a real heart-warming experience!] Yeah for DePaul!!! 🙂

They provide comprehensive promotion and rehabilitation services for the elderly poor with no one to turn to.  Their mission is, “Providing shelter for the promotion and integral rehabilitation of elderly people abandoned by providing a humanistic view with Christian criteria, social scientists,  the possibilities for their lives as individuals, in order to spiritually and physically, fully and freely enjoy the rights human autonomy and active participation in a home environment.”

This interview was a lot fun, as you will see in the pictures below.  We (my professor and I) were given many arts and crafts projects the elderly make during art therapy.  In addition, we received a couple of song performances by some of the lovely residents.  I really enjoyed my time here.  Enjoy!

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San Juan de Dios Cali – Oldest Hospital in Colombia

19 Oct

For my fourth interview, I met with Dr. Gonzalez, the Special Medical Auditor (Medico esp. Auditoria) to discuss social responsibility and its impacts from the public sector’s view point.  This interview went really well, and Dr. Gonzalez provided a wealth of information.  For example, the public hospital shares the same struggle as private foundations, with getting the government/department’s (state) attention regarding the lower strata population’s (level 0 and 1) access and quality of care.  In addition, he presented me with a special gift at the end of the interview, a signed copy of the Historia del Hospital de San Juan de Dios – 1753-1966, pictured below.

Below is a link to the hospital’s website, which has the option to translate the page if you wish.  Enjoy!,%2Bcolombia%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D610%26prmd%3Dimvns